BIMBOX games combine an Augmented Reality app, which immensely enhances the playing experience, as well as makes the educational process more engaging and fun.

Each BIMBOX game teaches different subjects, such as animals, letters, numbers, and more.
The app makes the game more enjoyable and interactive thanks to the Augmented Reality technology which adds a fascinating dimension to the familiar animal cards.

The app is compatible with almost any Smartphone/tablet, and is available for download free of charge.

BIMBOX “WORLD OF LETTERS” game is a great educational and fun game for family and kids of age 3 and older.

LEARN ABOUT THE ALPHABET: young children can learn the alphabet, what letters sound like, what words begin with them, and read more quickly while they view the screen; Just scan the card with your smartphone or tablet and double-click the downloaded app, then the letter magically appears on the electronic device with the items that begin with that letter; also added are the ABC song, English vocabulary, trivia questions, and a learning game to play; 2 can play simultaneously.

LEARN THE NUMBERS AND first grade mathematics: BIMBOX Mini Augmented Reality Kids Numbers Learning Game – Self-Learning App

DESIGNED BY A CHILD DEVELOPMENT EXPERT – our augmented reality games creator has a master's degree in education and has developed dozens of games and educational activity kits for kids. Our newest release can be played alone or in groups to develop visual memory and spatial perception in a fun and lively environment.

LEARN ABOUT ANIMAL LIFE: BIMBOX Augmented Reality Kids Animal life Game – children aged 3 and over will love playing with our 22 eco-friendly and BPA free cards. Each pair of cards features a different animal, is non-toxic and has rounded edges to protect little hands. The cards cleverly interact with our app to make learning fun and exciting and includes the AR compatible game board.
HOW IT WORKS – it’s a fact that children learn faster when they see and hear the topic at hand. Our interactive and fun-filled game enables your child to scan the playing cards onto the app, so the animals magically come to life on the screen along with trivia questions, interesting facts and more. 2 children can play simultaneously too!