Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Ours included swimming at my dad’s house, the Tucson Mermaid Festival (more info to come on that.. it was quite a scene) and the usual weekend shenanigans. I’d love to hear what you were up to!

For today, I’m so excited to finally share this year’s Summer Shape Up info with you. 

Thank you so much for all of your patience, especially since this year was a bit crazy. We moved right at the beginning of summer and there have been a lot
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of changes. With the girls home from school, work time was pretty scarce. Now that they’re back in school and we can get back into more of a routine, I’m so pumped to get cranking on more content, workouts, and videos to share with you. 

Since everything was a bit of a rat race, I didn’t have time to reach out to potential sponsors for SSU. Our SSU and WSU sponsors are amaaaaazing, and really help to make the shape ups possible. We’ll have sponsors and more giveaways for WSU since I have my life together now. Since I don’t need to post every week for the sponsor giveaways, and because this is more of an end-of-summer Shape Up, I have PDFs for you with everything in one spot. I really hope you enjoy the new format and all of the free workout goodies! 

As usual, we have 4 weeks of workouts, guidelines for getting started, tons of meal ideas, and 2 weeks of meal plans from my friend, Kim Mcdevitt, RD. She’s an expert at fueling athletes, promoting energy and fitness performance, so these meal plans are an ideal complement to your Shape Up workouts. You can send her some love on Instagram or over on her page!

Special thanks to Julia at Luminous Lines for creating these gorgeous PDFs for you. We have an incredible full-color version, a printer-friendly version, and your bonus meal plan. I hope you love them!

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Please take a second to join our Facebook group here so we can motivate each other along the way. The fun starts TODAY, but you can join in at any time.

Happy Summer Shape Up!!



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Google “comfort food” and you’ll see the proof: Pudding is what we choose to comfort our hardships and celebrate our happiness. There’s just something about its creamy, sweet goodness that feeds the soul. Luckily, on Nutrisystem, you never have to do without. Yes, pudding is on the menu, and we’ve got quite a few pudding recipes you’re going to want to whip up!

Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a sweet treat, an array of delicious pudding recipes can certainly become
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some of your go-to snacks for any occasion. With its versatile nature, pudding is a classic treat that can be whipped up in minutes.

Here are 12 pudding recipes that are likely to become your favorites:

1. Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding >

To kick off our pudding recipes, we have a fruity, sweet and vibrant pudding. Cheesecake, pudding and strawberries—it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s an easy-to-make, 98-calories-per-serving, combo of fat-free cottage cheese and a smidge of low-fat cream cheese blended with fresh or frozen strawberries and vanilla extract. Done in a flash for instant comfort. The recipe, which makes two servings, counts as one PowerFuel and one Extra.

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Pudding >

You’re going to be shocked at what makes this pudding thick and healthier than any other pudding recipes you’ve ever eaten… Chickpeas! No, don’t turn up your nose! Chickpeas are often used in desserts because they have a neutral flavor that’s easily masked by other flavors and add body and a healthy dose of protein. Just add one can to a mix of ultra-sweet medjool dates, one percent milk, cocoa powder, almond butter, vanilla and mint extracts, and stevia, an all-natural sweetener derived from a plant. Blend. Add cacao nibs as a topping and enjoy! Makes four servings at 192 calories each. On Nutrisystem, this counts as one SmartCarb and one PowerFuel.

3. 3-Step Banana Pudding >

Warning: This recipe may bring back happy memories of childhood. At 149 calories per each large serving, you’ll be savoring every bite without any guilt. And it’s easy to make. Put one percent milk, one large banana, some corn starch, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon and stevia into a blender and puree till smooth. Place the mixture into a pot and bring to a low simmer until thick. Chill for two hours and top with fat-free whipped cream. Mmmm. This tasty treat counts as one SmartCarb, one PowerFuel and two Extras.

17 Crazy Good Dessert Recipes Under 200 Calories

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4. Chocolate Pudding “Masonable” >

At 248 calories, this dessert/snack can also serve as a flex lunch. It uses a Nutrisystem Chocolate Turboshake > as the source of its chocolate-y goodness, with chia seeds added for thickness, along with milk. Store in a mason jar with an empty fruit cup on top where you can place pomegranate seeds to add or eat separately. This recipe counts as one SmartCarb, one Power Fuel and three Extras.

5. Vanilla Chai Chia Pudding >

Yes, you read that right. Flavored with vanilla and chai spices cinnamon, ginger and cloves, this creamy, thick concoction contains chia seeds for body, mixed with nonfat Greek yogurt (even more body!) along with skim milk. At 278 calories, it also supplies an awesome 24 grams of satisfying protein. It counts as one SmartCarb, one PowerFuel and one Extra.

6. Peach Melba Pudding >

Pretty to look at, this diet-friendly version of an old-fashioned favorite replaces ice cream with nonfat yogurt and is filled with raspberries and peaches, the fruits most reminiscent of summer. But you don’t have to wait till summer to enjoy it. Frozen berries and canned or frozen peaches in their own juice will work, too. The recipe makes four servings at 111 calories each. Count this as one SmartCarb and one Extra on Nutrisystem.

15 Non-Chocolate Desserts You’re Going to Love

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7. Salted Chocolate Pretzel Bread Pudding >

This spectacular dessert covers all your comfort food needs. It’s starchy, salty, sweet, chocolate-y, chewy and creamy all at once. And it all starts conveniently with one Nutrisystem Whole Grain Soft Pretzel > Defrost the pretzel and allow it to harden overnight. Then you simply tear the pretzel into bite-sized pieces and place in a ramekin, then cover with mini chocolate chips and a mixture of egg whites, almond milk, stevia and vanilla extract. Baked at 350 degrees for about half an hour, it’s sprinkled with chocolate chips and a sprinkle of salt once it’s slightly cooled. Eat warm or cold. It’s 213 calories and accounts for one Nutrisystem snack, one Power Fuel and one Extra.

8. Red, White & Blue Pudding Cup >

No need to save this recipe for the Fourth of July. Patriotism is in style any old time. The red comes from a red-colored sugar-free gelatin that you make first and refrigerate until it’s set. The blue comes from the cup of blueberries and the white from fat free nondairy whipped topping. The recipe makes four servings at only 71 calories each. It counts as two Extras.

9. Berry Easy Bread Pudding Mug Cake >

There’s nearly instant gratification with this recipe, which is cooked in a mug the microwave. All you need is whole wheat bread, egg whites unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, stevia and berries (your choice). Place the mixture in two mugs, microwave and enjoy! (Save one for later.) At 127 calories, this counts as one SmartCarb and one Extra on Nutrisystem.

9 Muffin Recipes You Need in Your Life

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10. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Rice Pudding >

One of the chief benefits of this recipe is that it makes eight servings. One of the drawbacks is that it’s so delicious, you may need to hide it from the family! It’s a mixture of short grain brown rice, vanilla almond milk, canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices (nutmeg, allspice and ginger), all sweetened with stevia baking blend. It’s done in three hours, but you’ll love waiting for it to finish cooking since it will fill your home with the comforting scent of Thanksgiving. When it’s done, top it with some sugar free maple syrup and pumpkin seeds. Counts this delicious recipe as one SmartCarb.

11. Mango Vanilla Chia Pudding >

This recipe starts conveniently with one Nutrisystem Vanilla TurboShake > added to milk with one cup of small mango chunks and one tablespoon of chia seeds to set it pudding-style overnight. One serving counts as one SmartCarb, two PowerFuels and two Extras.

12. Instant Pot Rice Pudding Recipe >

We may have saved one of our absolute BEST pudding recipes for last. The Instant Pot makes this rice pudding a cinch to make. Combine all the ingredients—brown rice, raw cranberries, skim milk, coconut milk, water, cinnamon and stevia—in the Instant Pot, set the knob to “sealing,” then turn on Porridge or Manual pressure on low for 20 minutes. Once you allow the pudding to settle, it will firm up and will be ready to eat. At 152 calories, it counts as one SmartCarb and one Extra.

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When you work out, it’s not just your muscles that grow stronger. Your bones also benefit from weight bearing exercise. But it’s not all about what you do at the gym. You can build denser, more resilient bones and joints by supplementing your diet with the right foods. Here are the best options to eat for stronger bones.

6 Ways to Build Stronger Bones

Toby Amidor is the owner of Toby Amidor Nutrition and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Smart Meal Prep for Beginners, The E
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asy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook, The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook, and The Greek Yogurt Kitchen.

Sleep is key to performance. And here are 3 more reasons why sleep is important for our health.
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