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He is so cute
Dogs vs Funny Hand Faces: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie
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Watch funny dogs Maymo & Potpie get pranked by funny faces on hands! These two beagle dogs' reactions to the various faces will make you laugh. Joining together, the dog and puppy do all they can to destroy the crazy lookin
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g faces on hands, with predictably hilarious results.
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Super I love These dogs
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A MAGAZINE FOR PADDLERS BY PADDLERS: to bring the enjoyment of outrigger paddling to a larger audience.

We really feel that Pacific Paddler's hui of supporters, contributors, clients and advertisers is helping the sport expand, not only below in Hawaii, but all over the world.
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To perpetuate the society and also history of Polynesia through the canoe and also the paddle.
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On paddling and also the active way of life that goes with it. Paddling is a sport for everybody, any gender any age from 6 to 86. We intend to encourage amateur paddlers to join clubs as well
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as older paddlers to attempt it out.
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